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I’m taking a 1 month break from posting new posts here on Maths Insider while I work on other projects. In the next few weeks I’ll be highlighting some posts I’ve written here and on other websites that you may have missed. Enjoy!

I’m a big fan of the Math Four blog run by Bon Crowder. She’s an expert at talking straight when it comes to helping kids with maths. I love the idea of her Mathematician Parent series where she interviews real life maths educators and asks them how they use maths with their own kids. I was excited to share my own family maths experiences in this interview on the Math Four website. Here’s an extract:

MathFour: How do you play with your kids? In particular, what kind of math play do you do compared with non-math play?

Caroline: We talk a lot about maths, we like showing them You Tube videos or Ted Talks related to maths or science, but we also try to expose them to different things like poetry, anthropology, and business.

MathFour: Do you think you speak with your children or behave differently than other parents because you have a math background?

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