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If you’ve read my Thinkster Math vs Kumon blog post a few months back, you’ll know that I’ve been working with Thinkster Math (formerly Tabtor), the personalized iPad based math program. I’m Thinkster Math’s instructor for many of their international students, and I’m also recording instructional videos which accompany each of the Thinkster Math worksheets as well as writing articles for their blog.

As a result, It’s been a bit quiet here at Maths Insider but after the holiday I’ll hopefully be back here with a vengeance.

I’ve still got plenty of ideas to share with you on Maths Insider over the next few months but in the meantime, here are some of the articles I’ve written recently over at the Thinkster Math  blog about holiday math, Kumon and Thinkster Math:

Want to Give Your Child a Math Boost this Holiday Season? Here’s How!

Fun, family, festivity and math? Believe it or not, the winter holiday period is the perfect time to give your child a boost in their math. Take a look at these 8 practical ideas to keep your child’s math skills fresh this holiday season………..


Advice from an ex Kumon parent

We’ve been asking our Thinkster Math parents to give us feedback on the program. This is the text of an email that one new Thinkster Math parent sent us last week……..

Yes, America Agrees! Math is the Most Important Subject of All

Tabtor holiday math

Math has never been seen as the coolest subject on the block, with math lovers being called geeks, nerds and worse! However, there’s no escaping the fact, even amongst the haters, that knowing your 1, 2, 3’s and your X,Y,Z’s is important.

And America agrees!

This week Gallup released the results of a poll which asked,

“Which school subject has been most valuable to you in your life”……….

Thinkster Math vs Kumon. An Insider’s Perspective.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on my Maths Insider blog comparing Thinkster Math to Kumon Math. I used to run my own Kumon centre in the UK and 2 of my own children worked through the Kumon program for several years, so I’m in a unique position to compare Thinkster Math’ innovative math program with the well established Kumon program……..

Naturally the articles above are all written to promote Thinkster Math, but I hope you’ll find plenty of helpful information in them to help support your child’s math.

Caroline Mukisa
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