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Have you ever played Hanging with Friends?

It’s a phone/tablet app based on the word guessing game Hangman. I’m playing it too much these days, but what makes it strangely addictive is the amount of choice the game gives you when offering clues to your opponent’s word. You can revive a strike, get rid of some incorrect letters or reveal some correct letters. The whole game actually gives the feeling of being in control of whether or not you lose!

So it was interesting when I got an email from a mum who’s just started using the Faster Times Tables program with her 15 year old daughter and she mentioned that:

“I had her watch the video and told her to choose a couple of those methods that she was willing to use.”

Sometimes as parents we’re so set on giving our kids instructions, orders and advice from our own perspective that when it comes to math, we forget that our children can have different learning styles than us. So next time you’re trying to figure out how to fit some math into your child’s schedule, try giving them a choice. Do they prefer worksheets, a textbook, videos, games, oral work, an iPhone app? Share the cost and time implications with them, even your 4 year old might prefer whizzing through a worksheet to waiting for a math game to load.

The 31 Days to Faster Times Tables Program includes worksheets, audio and 31 different ways of practising the times tables, as well as videos with advice on the different ways to use the program.

It’s also got a 60 day money back guarantee so you can show your child the video and see if there’s any methods that they’d be willing to use.

Now let me get back to guessing that word……


Caroline Mukisa
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  1. This looks an interesting application not just for me but for kids as well…I might get this on weekends…

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