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For those who need a math education program that can allow high school students to work at their own pace, may be what you’re looking for. Subject material from basic math skills to more advanced forms of linear algebra are present and ready for you to explore, as well as science and computing courses. While there are some materials that can be tested for free, a subscription is needed in order to take advantage of the courses at this website.

How Detailed are the Courses?
Each course is divided among several sections each carefully going through various aspects of the material. Videos are accompanied by notes, sometimes practice questions and downloadable slides in order to allow you to work on your specific section offline. Each section also provides an area that allows students to leave comments about each lecture.

Each section can have several hours’ worth of video content that students can watch in order to learn the material. Since this is a work-at-your-own-pace environment, you can watch these videos as often as you wish in order to help you retain the knowledge.

What Kind of Interaction Can be Expected?
The content provided at is geared more towards the self-starter who is able to learn well from watching video. There is no interaction within the courses save for the comment section that every student has access to. Although there are a few quizzes that can be useful to help you determine if you are understanding the content, the actual interaction regarding the material is quite nominal. If you thrive on social interaction to achieve a common goal, may not be the best of choices.

How Professional are the Lecture Providers?
Those that provide the video content of the website are seasoned professionals in his or her field. The video delivery is well performed and is spoken in a clear and understandable tone. Each professional seems to be well versed in his or her topic and provide detailed information. During the lecture, you can see the speaker on the right while he or she is working the content on the left in a larger window. While this gives the sense of interpersonal connection, the video can easily be paused reminding you that it’s not a live stream. Check out the sample video below:

What is the Cost of this Education? has several plans for those that may be interested in learning at his or her own pace through video content. While some may view the subscription plans as steep in comparison to other online educational materials, the quality of the content you will be receiving could be worth your investment. has a wide range of material covering math, science, programming and more. Each is quite detailed and can be broken down to specific areas of need. Whether you are looking for a brush-up on your mathematical skills or need in-depth tutoring and knowledge, the courses available can help you accomplish your goals. As with all work-at-your-own-pace themes to education, your success using this site will be ultimately determined of your own level of commitment. Keep a strong momentum and you will be successful learning additional mathematics.

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