7 iPad Apps to Help Your Child Crush Their Times Tables

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When it comes to the times tables there are lots of different ways of learning them – through songs, videos, board games and of course, through tablet apps. The key to speedy stress free learning is to practise them often until they become fixed in your child’s head, like the names of all the characters in Phineas and Ferb or the latest One Direction lyrics. For the iPad generation, a few minutes a day on a times tables app could be all they need to fix the multiplication facts in their heads.

Check out the guest post by Ken Myers below to find out the latest and coolest times tables apps for the iPad to help your child crush their times tables:

 This is a guest post by Ken Myers

When using an iPad, children would rather be entertained than be faced with grueling schoolwork. Although tablets are a tool, children see them more as a fun, touch-screen device that connects them to a variety of entertainment. Why not give them what they seek while providing an education? If they can be engaged on an educational level without it seeming like it’s related to school, there’s a far better chance that the iPad can be used for more than just watching movies and playing games.

1. MathBoard – $4.99
In the old style of chalkboards and erasers, MathBoard creates an interactive learning tool that will help children with problem solving abilities. Questions are generated by the students level of skill and supports a quick reference guide in order to look up terms and rules of mathematics with ease. Plug the iPad into VGA or HDMI inputs in order to create a large viewing experience of the blackboard for further engagement.

2. Math vs. Zombies – Free
As the world embraces the zombie apocalypse, why not use your mathematical skills to save humanity? Math vs. Zombies takes the genre and puts the battle for survival in the hands of children. Equations are adaptive of the user’s skill level and will alter the game accordingly.

3. Hyperblast 2 HD – $4.99

In this action-packed mathematical adventure, students use their math skills in order to advance levels and defeat bosses. With good graphics and a fast-paced plot, children will forget that it’s actually an educational tool. Although the app itself is free to play, you will need to purchase the full version in order to access the multiplication areas as with the other disciplines.

The Maths Insider Guide to the Best Parent - Tested Math Products

4. Mathmateer – Free
In Mathmateer, children are rocketed into space in order to improve mathematical skills with shapes, coins, and more. More than 50 missions styles exist ranging from multiplication to defining exact shapes and objects. Children can customize their rockets to add more individuality as they practice a variety of mathematical equations.

5. Multiplication Genius x19 – Free
This Multiplication study app has a nice design to it and can continue to progress your child in a never ending continuance of drills – providing they keep their score perfect. With varying degrees of difficulty, Multiplication Genius x19 provides a study aid for everyone to memorize times tables.

6. ST Math: School Version – Free
Many school districts have deployed the fun and engaging web-based application of ST Math. Now, your student is able to utilize this great mathematical tool on the iPad. The student progression is synchronized across the ST Math network and will correctly keep your kindergarten through 5th grade student scores across all devices used.

3D math racing

7. 3D Math Racing -$0-99 
This fast paced game will keep your children speeding through problems as they attempt to cross the checkered line. Using mathematical equations, the child advances in the race. While the free version encompass the four major math proficiencies, the purchased app takes the knowledge further with questions like percentages, rounding, and odd-even.

Tablets can do far more for the household than provide a diversion for the children or browse the Internet. A vast ocean of apps tailored for a variety of home-based efficiency exists. Everything from education to shopping lists can be downloaded and utilized on the iPad. Why not see what else the device can do for you and your family?

About the Author:

Ken Myers is an expert advisor on in-home care & related family safety issues to many websites and groups. He is a regular contributor to www.gonannies.com You can get in touch with him at kmyers.ceo@gmail.com

The Maths Insider Guide to the Best Parent - Tested Math Products

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