31 Days to Faster Times Tables


You told me it’s important for children to memorize the times tables

Last week I revealed the results of the Maths Insider Times Tables survey, which showed that nearly all those surveyed felt that memorizing the times tables was an important skill as shown by these comments from the survey:

“need to rote memorize initially and then lots of practice worksheets – no easy way out there…”

“It is really important. If they crack these early it will give them confidence with division and enable them to see patterns in larger numbers.”

The results weren’t a surprise  since I’ve spoken many concerned parents over the years as a maths teacher, a Kumon instructor and now as a maths blogger. Many of you have children who have passed the milestone of learning their times tables, but there are others of you who are worried that the whole memorization process is taking too long, is time consuming and is stressful.

Do you want your child to achieve faster, more confident times tables?

After listening to concerned parents and seeing what was already available on the market, I’ve developed a product that will help you guide your child to faster, more confident times tables in just 31 days.

31 Days to Faster Times Tables

Who needs to buy this?

The 31 Days to Faster Times Tables program is a mixture of worksheets, audio and practical activities, so if your child needs to spend time designing their online avatar before they’ll even consider doing any maths, then this product may not be for you.

However,  if :

  • your child has 10-15 mins each day to spare
  • you want to be involved in their times tables learning
  • you want a flexible program where your child isn’t tied to one learning style

then click here to find out more about the 31 Days to Faster Times Tables program

I’ve even included a crazy 60 day money back guarantee, so as my 11 year old would say, go and check it out already!


Caroline Mukisa
About The Author: Caroline Mukisa is the founder of Maths Insider. A Cambridge University educated math teacher, she's been involved in math education for over 20 years as a teacher, tutor, Kumon instructor, Thinkster Math instructor and math ed blogger. She is the author of the insanely helpful ebook "The Ultimate Kumon Review" and insanely useful website "31 Days to Faster Times Tables" You can follow her math tips on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @mathsinsider