21 Seriously Cool Careers That Need Maths-Grab a Free Full-Colour Ebook


Whether it’s an Astronomer, a Science Journalist, Meteorologist or a fashion designer, there are plenty of cool career choices that need maths.

Following on from the articles 10 Seriously Cool Careers That Need Maths and You’ll Need Math For That: 13 More Seriously Cool Jobs That Need Math, I now bring you a free, full colour downloadable PDF ebook :

21 Seriously Cool Careers that Need Maths

An essential resource for parents and teachers, this complimentary ebook is great maths-inspiration for kids (and grown-ups!) who:

  • Hate maths and don’t think it’s relevant
  • Are considering career choices
  • Love maths and want to know how it’s used in different jobs.

Check out the screen shots below:
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Use the ebook in these ways:

  • Email it to your child to let them browse through it
  • Print it out and use the pages as posters in your home or classroom
  • Grab a group of children and show it to them as a slide show
  • Save it for those days when your kids need some maths inspiration

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21 Seriously Cool Careers that Need Maths




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