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Does my son need a tutor?

I love my 3 year old’s preschool!

It’s colourful and bright, the teachers give hugs all the time (and that’s just to the mums, let alone the kids!) and my son is being immersed in a foreign language (arabic) for half of the school day. Perfect!

Except for the arabic. You see I’m a rather quite weak intermediate arabic student myself, so when I asked his arabic teacher earlier this week (in English, that’s how bad my arabic is) how my son was settling in, and she replied that he was fine, but he wasn’t speaking arabic, I thought, “Of course not, that’s why I’m sending him here!”

Then it struck me!

That’s how it feels for millions of parents worldwide, when they’re told by a teacher that their child is struggling with maths!

Finding the solution in my Free maths ebook

I soon found the answer! I turned to my FREE ebook, Yes! You Can Be Your Child’s Maths Tutor! It’s a practical workbook, as well as being packed with essential information, so I ran through some of the quick exercises in the workbook sections.

I was giddy with excitement when I realised that:

  • Although I’m not anywhere near fluent, that, yes, I do have the skills to help support my son’s basic arabic skills!
  • Even though I’m busy all day and rarely sit down, that, yes, I do have 10 minutes each day to practice some vocabulary!
  • I’ve collected lots of resources which I could use and could even modify some of the ideas in one of my favourite posts 24 Short and Sweet  Preschool Maths Activities.

Yes! I Can Be My Child’s Arabic Tutor!

Become your child’s maths tutor

So before you go thinking that you can’t support your child’s maths learning because you’re not mathsy enough, get hold of Yes! You Can Be Your Child’s Maths Tutor!


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  1. I love your analogy! It inspires me to see you make that leap in thinking – I’m wondering how I can apply a similar idea to my various interactions with my kids. Way cool.

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