Wild About The Guinness Book of Records!


I’ve written a guest post on the website Wild About Math about my favourite maths book of all time, The Guinness Book of World Records. I set 10 maths questions using fascinating facts from, Guinness World Records 2010

First, have a look at the questions, try to work out as many as you can, then check your answers below!

Wild About Math Guinness World Records Answers

Life expectancy difference:  42 years

Alphabet typing:  3.7 letters per second

Try this one – I managed 2 letters per second.

Foot balancing: 3days 4 hours 40 minutes

Largest Sandwich: 35¼ men

Monopoly Board: 89.1m²

I wonder how big the pieces are on this?

Tallest Hotel: 40,000

Largest Pizza: 1.29m


Body Mass Index: 30.1

He would have been classed as Obese

Ladder for tallest building: 847m

Luckily it has elevators!

Golden Ratio 1.61803399 Ratio height to arm span 0.94

The ratio of height to arm span is usually around 1, it’s the ratio between arm span and arm length which is around 1.6, the golden ratio. Try this one!

What is your favourite “maths book”?

Caroline Mukisa
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