What a 1 year old can Teach You About Maths


Practice makes perfect

Just last week, I was watching my 15 month old son trying to dress himself (well actually he had managed to place his T shirt on his head and was trying to pull down on it!)  I know I have many, many months ahead of me of dressing my son but I also know that given a T-shirt, he’ll practice and practice until he’s mastered that skill.

Not just Toddlers

Think of something you are good at or fast at now, driving, cooking, grocery shopping, tying your laces. There was once a time when you couldn’t do these things or couldn’t do these things nearly as well or as fast as you do them now.

What happened in between?

You practiced.

The practicing wasn’t always pleasant (have you tried cooking a roast dinner for guests while the baby is crying and the toddler is upending lego boxes in the kitchen?)

But you did it.

It had to be done and by doing it repeatedly; practicing that skill hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly you got better at it.  The same is true for maths.

Maths Practice

Kids don’t like maths practice, there’s way too much other stuff which they want to practice (computer games, learning about life, the universe and everything through computer games, tv, Internet and hanging with friends) but the 2, 5, 10 minutes of  regular maths practice will make their lives easier in the future.

(And may even help them to scale up recipe ingredients when they’re older and are preparing that roast for their guest while their children upend lego boxes in the kitchen!)

What results have you seen through regular maths practice?

Caroline Mukisa
About The Author: Caroline Mukisa is the founder of Maths Insider. A Cambridge University educated math teacher, she's been involved in math education for over 20 years as a teacher, tutor, Kumon instructor, Thinkster Math instructor and math ed blogger. She is the author of the insanely helpful ebook "The Ultimate Kumon Review" and insanely useful website "31 Days to Faster Times Tables" You can follow her math tips on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @mathsinsider