The Ultimate Kumon Review


If you’ve spent hours searching the internet to find out if the Kumon program will work for your child, but are confused about what different people have to say about this notorious educational program, then you’re not alone!

As well as running the Maths Insider website, in my past life I ran a Kumon center in the UK for 3 years, meeting hundreds of parents and students.

My own children also studied Kumon maths for 3 years, so I know exactly how being a Kumon parent impacts the family.

What is The Ultimate Kumon Review?

The Ultimate Kumon Review is a book designed to give you the exact information that will help you to make the important decision about whether the Kumon program is right for your family.


Everything You Wanted to Know About Kumon (but were afraid to ask!)


In this 6700 word book, I share my experiences as a Kumon instructor and as a Kumon parent as well as the experiences of other Kumon parents and students.

I reveal:

  • the pros and cons that actually MATTER – and WHY they’re important
  • the key characteristics of families that Kumon is perfect for
  • the type of family that are really going to struggle with the Kumon program
  • alternatives to Kumon that also produce great results

Is Kumon Right for Your Family?

Ultimate Kumon Review Tool-kitThis essential tool-kit will help you finally decide if Kumon is right for your family.

In this “no-filler” tool-kit you’ll get:

1.  An Insightful Questionnaire:

    • Answer these 16 Yes/No questions to find out if Kumon could work for your family
    • Find out if your family’s learning philosophy matches the Kumon philosophy
    • Find out how you can avoid wasting hundreds of dollars and months of precious time by understanding the reality of what Kumon requires from YOU in terms of energy and effort.

2.  A “Digging Deeper” Worksheet:

    • Answer these 6 essential questions to see if Kumon is right for your family on a practical level
    • Find out if Kumon will fit with your family’s unique circumstances, schedule and financial situation.

3.  A “Decision Time” Checklist: Use this 22 point checklist so you’ll know:

    • exactly what to ask local Kumon parents (hint: you won’t be asking if they think it works/doesn’t work, you’ll be getting practical answers to help you make your “Kumon” decision)
    • the key things to “look out for” when you visit your local Kumon center (hint: NEVER ignore your gut feeling – you and your child will be attending that center for months or even years to come)
    • the essential questions to ask your local Kumon instructor about how THEY run their Kumon center (the answers you get from these questions alone could make the decision for you!)


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Caroline’s background is very impressive! She obviously knows Kumon well, which makes it easy (for her) to talk about it.  She’s very balanced about the pros and cons (of Kumon) it’s easy to feel I can rely on her opinion and recommendation to make the best decision based on the material presented.
She’s reached the goal of truly informing!

Erica Stone

What Amazon customers are saying about The Ultimate Kumon Review

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Who is The Ultimate Kumon Review for?

  • Any parent who is considering the Kumon program and wants to know if it will work.
  • Current Kumon families who have hit a roadblock and need to rethink if it’s still the right program.

After reading the book  and working through the tool-kit you’ll:

  • have detailed insider knowledge of the Kumon program
  • be able to see if you are (or can become) a “Kumon” family
  • be armed with “no-nonsense” questions to ask about your local Kumon center
  • finally be able to make the decision, “Is Kumon right for my family?”
The Ultimate Kumon Review gave me a great insight into the world of Kumon.  Having met with a Kumon instructor prior to reviewing your materials, I felt like I had someone in my corner giving me the whole picture after hearing the pitch.
This is well worth the small investment…as thousands are at stake in your investment.
Holly Bins


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