This sneaky trick could just get your child to read about maths for fun!


Does your child love reading?

My daughter loves to read she loves to read, and read, and read, and read. She reads mostly fiction (Jacqeline Wilson, Andi Griffiths if you’re interested) but will actually read a menu card or a parenting or business book if there’s nothing else available that she hasn’t previously read.

I noticed that she was more likely to read non fiction books if i left them lying around on a coffee table than if I enthusiatically announced that I had bought xyz book for her.

One great book I used this trick with was with a book from the Murderous Maths series.

It’s one of a series of books from the same publishers of Horrible Histories, each with a maths theme, such as the maths of the universe, the maths of shapes, and the maths of gambling.

Read a maths book for pleasure?  Will that actually work?

Let me warn you, it didn’t work immediately.

It took a week before she took a peek inside the book. After that she’d read a few pages at a time. A few days later it eventually got the honour of being spirited up to her room, where she finished reading it within a few nights and then proclaimed what a cool book it was and went searching for the other books in the series!

I’ll be reviewing other fun maths books on this blog in the future but in the meantime;

What maths books have your children enjoyed reading, that we could leave on our coffee tables?

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Caroline Mukisa
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