Why Maths Isn’t an Awful Nerd – Free eBook from The Math Dude


Remember I told you about The Math Dude? He’s the guy from Quick and Dirty Tips alongside Grammar Girl and Nutrition Diva and Get-Fit Guy. He has a great maths podcast which talks about all the interesting ways that maths topics are used in real life.

Still don’t remember?

Well I mentioned him in this post Have You Seen These 8 High Quality, Free Maths Websites?

Well he’s got a new book out called Why Math Isn’t an Awful Nerd and for the first month it’s FREE on Kindle.


I know what you’re thinking – you haven’t got a Kindle.

Actually, Kindle has free apps that you can put on your computer, phone or tablet. There’s also lots of other free books that you can get to read on it.

Ok let me tell you about the book, in the product description it’s described as being a book that “shows readers how insanely easy and downright elegant math can be”

The book starts from the basics – no really – he starts by going over even and odd numbers, so even your 7 year old can understand it, then it takes readers step by step through discovering perfect squares.

It’s also got these cool “Secret Agent” quizzes like ” What number between 1 and 10 rhymes with a number between 11 and 20?”

Grab a copy before he starts charging for it.

It’s only 23 pages so it’s not going to take all day to go through it. In fact, I think it’s a perfect maths distraction for those long distance trips. I’m going to whip this out for my own kids at the airport in a few weeks!

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Caroline Mukisa
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