Serving Up A Winning Edge in Math – Ten Marks Interview

In this, the 2nd in the series of exclusive interviews with educators who are at the forefront of online maths education, I talk to Andrew Joseph of Ten Marks. In this interview Andrew reveals how he mixes online and offline maths experiences to help support his own children’s maths learning and explains the features of Ten Marks that help this online maths program to give parents and students a winning edge in maths.

 Hi Andrew! Tell us about yourself and your family. What are your children’s ages?

I have 2 daughters that are in middle school, one in grade 8 and the other in grade 6

What is your position at Ten Marks? How long have you worked there?

I am the co-founder and President of TenMarks. I started here about 3 ½ yrs ago with my co-founder Rohit before we were a “company” just an idea. Now we’re a company providing great user experiences to students, parents and teachers to make a difference to kids futures.

What is the best part of your job at Ten Marks?

Getting to work with inspiring educators every day and helping to make their life a little easier.

Which is your personal favorite feature of the Ten Marks program? Why?

I really like the way that the system can provide a hint or a video less right at the exact moment that a student realizes that they need help with a concept.  We believe that moment when they realize they need help is when they are most receptive to learning.

How do you personally support your own children’s maths learning?

Both my daughters use TenMarks and we try to take advantage of local resources in Boston, MA that can expose them to real world applications of math, like the MIT museum.  And of course we make sure that they get their homework done :-)

Which other online maths program do you admire? Why?

For young students I like what DreamBox has done to create an engaging experience to expose the early learners to math.

What are your predictions for the next year of online maths programs?

I believe that you will see teachers and schools continue to adopt on-line maths programs as a way to efficiently deliver differentiated learning.  And that you will see more programs that help pull parents into the process.

 Ten Marks offers an online math program based on the US curriculum for children in grade 2 and up for just $10 a monthClick here to test out this great value online maths program!

Do you agree that use of online maths programs will continue to increase? Which is your favourite online maths program? Have you tried Ten Marks? Tell me in the comments below!

Caroline Mukisa
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