Mental Maths 101

Are mental maths skills really important?

Sure, there ARE mathematicians out there, real mathematicians, who admit to having poor mental maths skills and do just fine. As adults it seems way more acceptable to say “I can’t do maths” as opposed to saying “I can’t read” So why not just get rid of maths teaching altogether?

Mental Maths 101

Start with 5 Reasons Why Maths Illiteracy Is NOT OK then jump aboard the mental maths bandwagon in No! No! No! No! Don’t Let your Child Finger Count! Those who disagreed with my “No Finger Counting” campaign got their say in Finger counting: The Debate Continues!

 Who Else Wants Their Child to Be Lightening Fast at Mental Maths?

In the Who Else Wants Their Child to Be Lightening Fast at Mental Maths? series I share my DIY approach to helping kids improve their mental maths skills:


Part 1

Part 2

 Faster Times Tables

If times tables are your child’s particular problem, you’ll love my free step by step guide How to Guide Your Child to Faster Times Tables in Just 31 Days , a great introduction to Maths Insider’s 31 Days to Faster Times Tables Program.

Keeping maths real

For some everyday mental maths ideas check out Everyday Maths Lessons from My Neighbour’s Lamborghini and if you have teens, grab some ideas from Keeping it Real: Mental Maths Question Your Teen Will Actually Want to Answer 

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