Got a Pre-Teen? Try This Mental Math Bootcamp!


In the UK it’s coming up to SATS time for Year 6 (Grade 5) kids. Mental math word questions are an important part of these tests and being able to work with numbers in real-life situations is an essential life skill .

The cool people at have created a tough 15 day Mental Math Bootcamp app to get your kids (and your!) mental math skills in tip top shape. Check it out below!

Some useful tips:

  • Your child can change their answer as many times as they want within the time limit for each question
  • They’ll need to press enter/return once they’ve written their answer

Although it’s a 15 day bootcamp, if your child repeats the day until they can get 18/20 (the app let’s you see the correct answers at the end of each test) they’ll truly become a mental math master!

I only got 17/20 first time round! It’s not easy – that pesky timer moves fast (and I was helping my 5 year old with his homework while doing the test – excuses, excuses!)

Grab your pre-teen and get practising!

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Created by Compare 4 Kids

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Caroline Mukisa
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