Can Maths Board Games Make Maths More Fun? A Review


Kids love playing computer games and watching TV, so the popularity of online maths programs such as Maths-Whizz and Ten Marks which use multimedia to teach maths to kids is no surprise. There’s why it’s so strange that kids also love traditional board games. It’s like playing board games a strange novelty!

In fact, anything that gives them time with mum, dad, or a sibling. In my 31 Days to Faster Times Tables product, I have a great bonus called 31 Ways to Practice the Times Tables, but Teresa Evans has compiled the ultimate collection of maths and logic games. If you’ve ever spent hours in front of google trying to look for maths worksheets and games, then you need to take a look at the Making Math More Fun collection.

The Making Math More Fun Collection

The Making Math More Fun Collection is a great option for parents who want their kids to practice their basic skills. Here are the main features:

  • Suitable for kids aged 4-10 years old
  • Over 450 pages of maths games
  • Includes printable board games, 2 player games sheets, card games and mental maths games

Printable Maths Board Games 

The Printable Board Games pack is my favorite! Not only does it have bright colorful, professionally designed printable game sheets, but Teresa has included a full set of instructions for each game as well as an index of games that target each maths skill, making it easy peasy to select, for example, games that practice decimals.

What I like about this pack is:

  • It saves time – no more seating on Google for maths games
  • It’s good value – a lot cheaper than buying board games
  • It’s convenient – just print off and laminate or use clear plastic file pockets to easily reuse the sheets
  • There’s a variety of games practicing a variety of skills at different levels

Printable Maths Games Sheets

The Games Sheet pack contains 2 player paper and pencil and counter games. You can print out a set each time you play, or just laminate, or use file pockets or even cover with clear book cover film and use a dry wipe pen. Again full instructions are provided for each game. These are nice for some one on one maths time with your child.

Maths Card Games Ideas and Printable Maths Card Games

Tangled Aces
Creative Commons License photo credit: Domiriel
The Card Games Pack is divided into 2 sections. The first section contains 17 card games ideas that can be played with a deck of cards (although Teresa also includes a printable deck of cards which is great if you don’t have a complete set a hand.) The second section is made up of printable card games including Fraction Dominoes and Addition Bingo, again, all with full instructions.

Maths Games Ideas

The Games Ideas pack contains ideas for mental and more pencil and paper maths games.

How much does this bumper pack cost?

There’s an amazing amount of value just in those 4 sets, which Teresa is selling for only $27.97 (Yes, a strange price – I know!) For the same price she’s also thrown in some bonuses which included reading games, classroom games (as you can imagine, lots of teachers buy this product!), even more board and paper and pencil games.
There’s more details on what’s included here

How to use Making Math More Fun

I love this collection, but in a way, there’s too much on offer!
Here’s my suggestion to make the best of this huge resource:
  • spend half a hour or so going through the contents and choosing which skills you’ll want to work on with your child for that week or month
  • prepare a schedule for the week/month as to what game you’ll play on which day
  • print out/gather the resources in advance so everything is ready to go
  • Have fun!


Caroline Mukisa
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