Mathematis – iPhone App Giveaway


Mathematis is a universal educational app for iPhone that helps speed up kids addition, subtraction, multiplication and division??.

With a bright aliens and space theme, set on the faraway planet of Mathematis, your child has to save the peaceful Mathematians from the bombs of their evil nemeses, the Innumerators, by solving math problems. For every math question solved correctly, a Mathematian’s spaceship escapes their war-torn planet; get a question wrong, and the ship is grounded.

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The game is suitable for kids aged 4+ and has customized settings so that your child can play at their correct level whatever their age. For young kids, set a low limit on the answer range to make sure they’re getting easy question. Increase the limit as your child’s skills improve.

I really like the game’s bright graphics and the built in “Do Over” mode which let’s kids have another go at questions they skipped or got wrong. There’s also a parent page where you can track your child’s progress.


Mathematis is a great app for practising arithmetic skills. It doesn’t teach kids how to work out the answers, so is best used as an app to reinforce and improve your child’s mental math recall. The audio on the game is also really loud, and you’ll need to go into your phone’s settings to make it quieter, which isn’t so great for us parents with sensitive ears, but the developer assures me he’ll make the sound adjustable in the next update!

Maths Insider is giving away 3 free app store codes for Mathematis. To grab your free coupon code for Mathematis, email me at with the subject line “I want Mathematis”

I’ll pick 3 people at random after 9am GMT Wednesday 12th June 2013.  

Competition now closed. Congratulations to Ada, Chloe and Maryam who won a free app store code each for Mathematis!

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