The Secret Life of #mathchat – Who? What? Where?


What is #mathchat?

#mathchat is twitter tag that’s used by teachers, educators, students and anyone else interested in math education, to highlight conversations related to  math education. It’s also a great way for parents to find out about the latest resources, ideas and techniques in math education.

Check out the Infographic below, Life of a Hashtag to see the activity and influencers of #mathchat, then find out how you can use #mathchat to get ideas to help you support your child’s math.

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#mathchat doesn’t only exist on Twitter

Don’t worry if you’re not a Twitter user. You can still follow #mathchat online:

The Mathchat website maintained by Colin Graham is the online home of #mathchat. There you’ll find:

  • times and dates for the next live #mathchat Twitter chats,
  • searchable archives of previous live chats,
  • resources highlighted by the #mathchat community
  • weekly polls for you to vote on what you want the next #mathchat live chat topic to be

You can also follow the daily highlights of #mathchat in the online newspaper The #mathchat Daily 


So even if you’re not on Twitter, you can still find out what everyone is talking about in math education through #mathchat.

(For ideas on other hashtags to follow for insightful math ideas see my post How to Use Twitter to Find Great Math Resources and Ideas)

For those of you on Twitter, you can find me at @mathsinsider

Caroline Mukisa
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