Math Teachers at Play Blog Carnival No.37 – Join the Party!


Welcome to the 37th edition of the Math Teachers at Play blog carnival. I’m delighted to host the carnival here this month at Maths Insider!

For those new to the Math Teachers at Play carnival, this carnival celebrates some of the best maths teaching articles written by teachers, parents and bloggers each month. Along with the articles submitted, I’ve added some gems that I’ve found and shared on the Maths Insider Twitter and Facebook pages over the past weeks (Click those links to follow me and read maths goodies that have caught my eye!)

In keeping with tradition, I’ve presented a “37” puzzle and some interesting arithmetic facts about the number 37 below.

Let the carnival begin!



Use five 5 s to make 37.

Can you make a target number 37 by using five 5s?

You can use many maths operator as you want!







  • Nicole Taulman mixed maths and nature and explains, “On a Spring Day we just had to get some Math outside! This was a fun Spring math activity that incorporated butterflies, pebbles, sidewalk chalk and the great outdoors.” Find out how in Spring Math ~ Taking it Outside! posted at Journey to Excellence









  • James Tanton shares “why” in his essay: What Made Me a Mathematician “This piece is the opening introduction to my THINKING MATHEMATICS! series. I’ve had many requests to share this piece as I describe in it an intellectual experience that I truly believe made me a mathematician. It is all about my bedroom ceiling and the design on it I looked at every night as a youngster going to sleep.” It’s posted at






  • Mark Eichenlaub uses a lesson on the volume and surface area of a sphere to assert that teachers can simplify mathematical definitions to help students understand complex concepts in My Brown Big Spiders posted at Arcsecond.









I hope you’ve enjoyed this 37th edition of the Math Teachers at Play carnival!

The May carnival will be hosted by Guillermo Bautista at Mathematics and Multimedia.

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Puzzle and arithmetic facts from Photos by ElektroSpaceRanger, ?Kentigern?, Leo Reynolds

Did you work out the answer to the puzzle? What was your favourite part of this carnival? Tell me in the comments below!


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