How Confident is Your Child at Maths? Take the Quiz!


Does your child get high test scores and finish homework with ease?


But in some cases, that same child will find it strange when they’re praised for their maths ability.

That kid lacks maths confidence.

How can you tell if your child lacks maths confidence?

It’s easy to categorize children as either being good or bad at maths, but what about those in between?
  • There are kids who are good at maths but don’t do the minimum,
  • There are those who find maths easy, but don’t enjoy it,
  • There are those that find it difficult, but “get by”
  • There are those that find it difficult but work hard to through.

All of these kids could be lacking maths confidence.

So just how confident is your child in their maths ability?

Get your child to take the test below, then check the links to find articles to help them whatever their maths confidence level!

Whether your child is a math phobic or a super confident mathematician, check out the links below to find ideas that you can use to support your child’s maths learning today:

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Mathematicians in the Making

Maths Avoiders

Maths Phobics

Caroline Mukisa
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