Guinness Book of World Records Maths


I’m taking a 1 month break from posting new posts here on Maths Insider while I work on other projects. In the next few weeks I’ll be highlighting some posts I’ve written here and on other websites that you may have missed. Enjoy!

One of my first guest posts was for the Wild About Math website: Sneaking Math into Children’s Diets, where I found some fascinating facts from the 2010 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records and made up some cool maths questions to accompany them. Here’s a sneak peak at the post:

This blog post is the culmination of a fight; a really big fight. You see when Sol invited me to guest post on Wild About Math! I took it as an opportunity to seize possession of the big, shiny, blue book my 10 year old had kept hidden away for the past 6 months so that she wouldn’t have to share it with her brother, The Guinness Book of World Records.…Read More….

Go to the Guinness World records website or grab your own copy of the Guinness Book of Records (the shiny new 2012 edition is available here on Amazon) and see if you and your child can make up your own maths questions from this cool book of world breaking facts!



Caroline Mukisa
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