Conquer Maths: Why Your Teen Really Should Try This UK Maths Program

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An overview

Conquer Maths is an online maths program designed to teach maths to children from the age of four all the way to the age of eighteen using the UK National Curriculum. The course allows children to go through and find their weak areas and pin point lessons that will assist in overcoming them. The ability to go through the video lessons at their own pace makes them more comfortable and the learning process is easier. The friendly video tutor explains each step slowly and clearly. The program uses achievement certificates to motivate students.

Because Conquer Maths uses the UK maths curriculum all the way through to GCSE’s and A-Level’s it’s great for those families whose children are in British schools. My 11 and 13 year olds have used the program for over 2 years to help them independently access the GCSE syllabus, so as well as supporting children who are struggling with maths, it can be used to extend your child’s maths work. Here’s an example of one of their video lessons:

What are the pros and cons of Conquer Maths?


  • Diagnostic tests – students can take free tests to show just where their weaknesses are and give them tips to overcome them. There are recommendations for specific lessons to help fill in the missing knowledge areas.
  • Work at your own Pace – The student can work at a pace that is comfortable to them as a result of the ability to stop and restart the lessons featured.
  • Parent Dashboard – parents can see exactly how their child is doing by logging in to the parent dashboard. Parents are also emailed when their child completes a unit test.
  • It’s great value for money, especially if you sign up more than one child. The price is as low as £5 a month if you pay up front for 1 year for 3 children


  • The fact that the instruction is strictly online eliminates the one on one that can be achieved in the classroom meaning that parents have to take an active role in helping their child learn.
  • The animation is not as good as other programs such as Maths-Whizz which may be fine for older kids but younger children are usually more motivated by a higher level of online interaction. On another note, others like my older daughter might not like sitting and watching the videos at all and might prefer more written examples.

Who will it work for?

The program will work for any student that is motivated and wants to learn. The ease of being able to set your own pace as you work is what makes the program so easy to follow. Step by step instructions through the difficult portions of the work make it ideal for those that have difficulty in the classroom but are too embarrassed to ask questions.

Who won’t it work for?

The Conquer Maths program won’t work for those students that aren’t motivated to learn on their own. Also those who are motivated by sophisticated graphics and need a variety of online rewards.

Here’s the low down

Students that are struggling with math can get the extra attention in the areas that require it the most with Conquer Maths. An assessment of the existing skills allows the student to target the areas that are giving them the most trouble. The student receives suggestions about the lessons that will be most beneficial to them so time is not wasted trying to figure out what to do next. Those who are using Conquer Maths to study advanced topics can make use of the same structured curriculum to make sure they cover the topics in the right order.

Lessons are in video form with immediate reinforcement that allows students to rewind, review and answer questions immediately after. The students also get to print out worksheets to do later if they want to review the material and figure out how much of the lesson they’ve remembered.

I recommend Conquer Maths for children aged 11 and over. I think programs like Maths Whizz are better suited for younger children.

Conquer Maths has over 150 free lessons for your child to try to see if it’s program will work well for your child. Have a go and let me know what you think!



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