Confessions of a Maths Mom


What is a Maths Mom (or Dad)?

A Math Mom is someone who tries to include maths in as many activities as possible, whether it’s at home, around town or even on vacation! When the Maths Mom thinks about things to do with her child in their spare time, the first ideas she comes up with are maths related

So Maths Moms are crazy?

Some Maths Moms may be the second cousins of Tiger Moms – pushy and overly (mathematically) ambitious for their child and some Maths Moms just lean towrds mathsy activities but encourage their child to follow their own interests.

What are the pros and cons of being the offspring of a Math Mom?


  • Maths moms enthusiasm for maths can be infectious. Her kids will love maths and will reference maths in everything they do.
  • As a result of their exposure to maths, kids with maths moms will generally do well at maths.



  • Kids (especially teenagers) often go through phases of wanting to be completely different from their parents. If Mom is a Math Mom, they’ll make a point of showing no interest in math
  • Kids may be turned off maths if that’s all their parents talk about.
  • Kids who do not feel they are natural mathematicians will feel uncomfortable if maths is “forced down their throat”

Confessions of a Maths Mom

I confess – my name is Caroline Mukisa and I’m a Maths Mom:

    • I  email my kids some of the cool maths related You Tube videos. My kids love  the VI Hart videos, even though they may not understand them fully:

        • I love to watch maths related ted talks with my kids. One of my favourites is

      • I like to have maths related dinner table discussions like working out approximations for : “How many peas on the plate?”, What is the volume of your house?”, “How many minutes in a year”
      • I subscribed my kids to this blog.

Are you a Maths Mom (or Dad?) What maths activities do you enjoy with your family? Tell me in the comments below!

Caroline Mukisa
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4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Maths Mom

  1. Egad.

    I have to wash my face for 120 seconds (I use proactiv). Since Daughter and I bathe together (easier this way and she’s 20 months old), I count.

    But I don’t start at one.

    I start at “negative 30” and count up through zero and into “positive one, positive two” all the way to “positive 30. The added words “negative and positive” elongate the counting so I figure I’m getting in all 120 seconds.

    And we’re counting 60 numbers. (or 61, but who’s counting)

    • That’s so cool Bon!
      I love that idea and will copy it immediately with my toddlers! I think bath time is a great time for learning, since you usually have a captive audience!

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