Math Machine – A Beautiful Bilingual iPad Math App


Helen Littlewood is a busy mum of 3 who, along with her team at Gingerbread Kids, has developed a cool math iPad app called Math Machine.  The original Math Machine app came in English and Maori and the new Math Machine with Spanish app launched this week helps kids aged 5-11 years old, learn math in English and Spanish. Math Machine app The Math Machine app covers several important concepts from the Common Core for Math. While they’re playing, your kids are gradually mastering: • sequential counting up to 20, 40, 100 and 1,000, • instant recall of times tables, • the relationship between doubles and halves and how to estimate answers, • different representations of numbers: how a fraction relates to a decimal number and percentage. You’re able to choose which language to play the Math Machine in, with both the audio and written instructions presented in your language of choice. Math Machine app The illustrations on Math Machine are gorgeous and add a rich dimension to this easy to play app. Every level has the same format, numbers fall out of the cloud and need to be dragged into place . Math Machine with Spanish is FREE this week (20-27 September) on app store. The original Math Machine costs $4.19. Math Machine with Spanish comes with both the English and Spanish options built in. Grab this beautifully illustrated bargain of a math app for your kids!

Caroline Mukisa
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