Another 10 Seriously Cool Jobs That Need Math!


A great way to help your child build a love of math is to point out some of the cool jobs and careers that need math. I’ve found that even though my daughter may not love math, she knows that the careers that she’s interested in would need a good level of math knowledge, which I’m sure is in the back of her mind when she’s trudging through her math homework.



The tech website published a seriously cool article last week with 10 amazing jobs that can be landed with the right STEM (science, technology and math) education. The list included mini interviews with a Lego Designer who uses her knowledge of electrical engineering to animate lego models, a Sports Channel Statistician who builds mathematical model to analyze sports performance and a Professional Hacker.

Check out the full article here:


10 Amazing Jobs You Could Land With the Right STEM Education


Even more math related jobs:

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Chris Hadfield's pic taken from space

Chris Hadfield’s picture of a high altitude cloud taken from space

The coolest math career

One of the coolest jobs that need needs math is being an astronaut. There’s a great thread on I Am Astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently orbiting planet Earth where he talks about the importance of kids working hard at math if they want to one day become an astronaut! It’s definitely worth checking out! Enjoy!


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