5 Fantastic Maths Games for Car Trips Short and Long


This is a guest post written by Lauren Dzuris of FindMyCarSeat

Whether you’re going on a long family road trip, or just up to the grocery store, anytime is a good time to teach your little one a thing or two. Math is a subject that most students have trouble with. It is one of their “least favorite” classes, and is one that  they usually struggle with.

So now, more than ever is a great time to start teaching your little one the basics of math if you haven’t already. Try to make it a habit that every few times you go out for a car ride you try to teach your child math. Make it fun, and try to avoid making it that subject that we once hated. Below are a few games to play with your child so math is fun during car rides!

1) Counting: The first game you can play with your child is the counting game. Give them a car color to look out for. Each time they see it, they need to count aloud. So, let’s say 3 green cars drive by, they need to count “1, 2, 3” aloud. Now, give them another car color, let’s say it’s silver. Now they need to count the silver cars until you have them stop. Once they have their number they either need to add, subtract, or multiply the two numbers together. This helps them not only with their numbers but their colors!

2) Guess my number: Play the guess my number game with your child. First, think of a number, we’ll use 98 for example. Now, say it’s less than a hundred but more than 50. Once they say a number, let’s say they said 66. Say it’s more than 66. Now, let them guess again. Let’s say they said 75 this time, now say it’s 75 plus 23. What is the number?

3) Sign Arithmetic: Every time you see a sign with numbers, for example a speed limit sign, have them either add, subtract or multiply the numbers together.

4) Gas Prices Rounding: It’s almost a guarantee that while we’re driving we will run into some type of gas station. When you do, have your children round the prices to the nearest number of your choice. For example, you drive by and it’s $2.41 per gallon, they would round down to either $2.40, or $2.00.

5) License Plates Totals: Almost all license plates have numbers unless they’re custom made. When you see one, have your child add up all the numbers for an end total.

As you can see, the road can be more fun every day. Play a few of these games with your children, and have them look forward to car rides, all while enjoying some simple math games!

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  1. Sounds like fun, fun, fun all the way to the shops and back!
    Now they’ll stop asking ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ or ‘Can we go home now?’ and start answering maths questions.instead.

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