10 Super Hands-On Pinterest Preschool Math Activities


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Are you on Pinterest? When it comes to websites that suck you in, like Facebook and Houzz, Pinterest is at least filled with great ideas to go along with the beautifully laid out pictures. There are lots of great math activities for preschoolers on Pinterest that can make learning math easy and fun for the younger ones in your household. The best part about the activities below is that they are inexpensive and you can recycle items that you already have on hand.

1. Edible Addition Math – use white icing and chic chips or for a savory alternative try Philadelphia and olives to make these edible dominoes on crackers or toast.

 2. M&M Sorting and GraphingGive your child a bag of M&M’s (Yum Yum!) and a mat for sorting the colors. If the mat is black and white let the children color it first, the mats should be laminated. The kid’s will use the mat to place M&M’s on the correct color. You can assist them in counting the M&Ms as well.


3.   Ice Cube Adding Tray – Grab an ice cube tray, some small items such as buttons, dried beans or sweets and write some addition sums on pieces of paper or card to do with your child.


4.  Lego Math  – Turn a basic Lego set into a math tool with a marker and a little imagination. Making sure to use the same colors for the same steps in the problem use the flat pieces to put the symbols on and the raised pieces as the numbers in the equations.
5.  How Many Lego – Create a number grid and have children sort Lego by color, size or both and count how many.
6. Hopscotch – attach numbers to fabric, and let the kids play hopscotch. It’s that simple. Reuse the fabric number tiles to play number hide and seek.
7.  Milk Cap Math– Save the caps from your milk, soda, water, juice or whatever to use with the activities. Using a range of different colors can allow children to sort them by color. Number the caps, and put them in order beginning with one, look for patterns of color as well or line up tiles under the correct number cap. Grab some dice for some number matching or addition and subtraction practice.

8. Math Bags – Use colored bags to sort objects such as bottle caps, toy cars, sweets or craft supplies by color. Write numbers or sums on the front of the bag to help your child get used to counting out objects.
9. Counting with Beads Write the numbers 1 to 10 on small slips of colored paper or sticky notes. Then wrap numbered paper labels around the end of pipe cleaners. Have your child slide the correct number of beads onto each pipe cleaner.
10. Estimating – Take a jar and place everyday items into it for children to guess the amount. Use edible treats to offer as a prize when they get the right answer.

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