10 Bestselling Maths Learning Toys for Preschoolers

The last thing I bought from Amazon was a pair of comfortable but stylish Fly London shoes. In fact that’s what I love about Amazon – you can buy almost anything on there! With so many choices of educational toys and games on the market, Amazon is a great place to research the features, feedback and prices of the most popular maths related learning toys on the market. In this post, I’ve highlighted products from the “Mathematics and Counting” Top 100 Bestsellers Learning and Educational Toys list which would make great gifts for the preschooler in your life.


1) Sassy Counting Friends n’ Net Bath Toy

This Sassy Counting Friends n’ Net Bath Toy is a fun fishing net that is easy for little hands to grasp. Your baby will delight in scooping up the characters into his fishing net. Numbered fish and friends also link together for more bath time fun.

What I like about it

Bath times are a great time for kids to do some fun learning. Count aloud as your little one catches the fish or practice number recognition by pointing out the numbers on the fish.

2) Smart Snacks Counting Cookies

Learning to count and recognize numbers is a treat with these colourful counting cookies. Includes 10 cookies numbered 1 to 10 on the bottom and the corresponding number of candy coated chocolate pieces on the top. These soft plastic cookies measure 2″ and can be stored in the included sturdy plastic jar with lid.

What I like about it

Young children (and adults!) love cookies, so counting out these pretend cookies is a nice way to make maths fun. Reading the printed numbers on one side and counting the chocolate chip pieces on the reverse makes this a versatile learning play toy.

3) Counting Time Measuring Tape

The Counting Time Measuring Tape really works. With three buttons to teach colours and numbers, the centre button lights-up as you pull the tape and it even has a working belt clip-just like the pros. This fun role-play tape will teach your toddler numbers, counting, and colours.

What I like about it

My children have all been obsessed with retractable measuring tapes and some point in time! This counting tape will help even the youngest mathematician learn the relationship between measuring and counting. I wonder if Amazon sells a talking tape measure for grown ups?

4) Counting and Sorting Farm

Each of these soft pens has a number printed on it and the same number of stuffed farm critters inside: 1 chick (in a nest), 2 sheep, 3 pigs and four cows. Kids will develop fine motor skills as they remove and replace the animals. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for make-believe barnyard play.

The Maths Insider Guide to the Best Parent - Tested Math Products

What I like about it

The black and white rims of this toy have been proven to be attractive to babies and the colourful animals and animal pens are attractive for toddlers. My preschooler loves arranging and lining up toy cars and dinosaurs; this toy set will appeal to the rearranging gene in every young child.

5) Counting to 100 Write-a-Mat

Have fun learning while you eat! Add new excitement to mealtime with this educational and entertaining double-sided, write on, wipe off placemat. This durable activity mat is ideal for use with the write on, wipe off multi-colored crayons (sold seperately). Practice writing your numbers up to 100. You can even write 1,000 and 1,000,000,000.

What I like about it

This is my favourite toy on the list! My preschooler currently brings paper and a dry erase pen to the dinner table every evening and draws and writes even though he hates doing the letter tracing worksheets sent home from school. I’ll be adding this dry erase number tracing mat to my Amazon Wishlist!

6) Hands Counting Puzzle

Count on our fingers! Easy to grasp pegs on this wooden puzzle make it easy to lift off each piece. With colorful objects to count beneath each finger, this puzzle helps establish the relationship between numbers and numerals. Also introduces or reinforces the concepts of left and right. Dimensions: 0.8″ x 8.5″ x 11.7″ Assembled Recommended Ages: 2+ years

What I like about it

I actually have a version of this product. What’s great about it, as the product description says, is that it introduces left and right, which I credit for helping my preschooler learn his left and right. The puzzle itself is difficult for 2 year olds but 3/4 year olds will enjoy slotting the finger shaped pieces onto the board.

7) Let’s Tackle Math Patterning and Sequencing Set

Make sorting and counting practice an adventure. This 252-piece counter set features 108 each of colorful plastic bugs, worms and frogs to sort by color, shape and size. Also includes a 25-page stand-up activity book filled with 48 engaging, self-checking activities. Comes with sorting tray and tackle box for easy carrying and clean-up.

What I like about it

Animals mixed with arranging and sorting is a compelling learning mix for preschoolers. The self checking booklet is a good addition to this toy as it will help your child to play in a structured way, independently or with a parent or older sibling.

8 ) Sassy’s Count ‘n Spell Bath Appliques

Sassy’s Count ‘n Spell Bath Appliques are a thirty-six piece set of letters A-Z and numbers 0-9. Appliques adhere to most tub surfaces. The appliques come with an easy-storage gab.

What I like about it

If you don’t have bath letters or bath numbers, or if your old set have bits missing, or torn, or even if you realise that you need more that one set to spell your child’s name out on the bathroom wall, then this bath toy is essential for an informal learning session.

9) Numbers and Counting Pocket Chart

The Numbers and Counting Pocket Chart are sure to engage your students. The chart with fun illustrations makes early math a positive experience. Teach basic number sense, counting, adding, subtracting and equations with 194 cards featuring pictures, digits, operations and number line.

What I like about it

This Pocket Chart is a nice way to introduce or practice early number skills. I like that it contains a number line which is fantastic way of introducing addition and subtraction.

10) Tumble Down Counting Pegs

Teaches counting in a concrete, active and enjoyable way. Interchangeable number plates fit into the top. The child places pegs into the holes next to the number while counting aloud, then pulls the knob and the pegs come tumbling down.

What I like about it

A beautifully crafted traditional style toy which is reflected in the high price tag. More durable than most of the plastic toys on the market and a possible future heirloom. I can imagine toddlers loving to pull the knob to see the pegs fall through!

What are your favourite Amazon Maths Learning Toys for Preschoolers? Share this list with your Facebook friends, their preschoolers may even thank you!

The Maths Insider Guide to the Best Parent - Tested Math Products

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